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Slimming tea recipe
Market is full of various products for our beauty and handsome. Now if you want to have a slim and wonderful body shape, you can go to skincare products supplier in China for the body products or slimming tea. Now I want to talk with you about some special and healthy slimming tea recipe.
Lotus leaf: According to modern scientific research confirms that the leaves contain a variety of alkaloids and glycosides category, the leaves glycosides and other ingredients, can effectively lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood lipid disorders and obesity patients have good effect.
Cassia: Cassia bitter, eyesight, catharsis. You can reduce triglycerides, lower total plasma cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis role. Also antibacterial, promote gastrointestinal motility, remove the body stool. We can purchase them from facial masks wholesale manufacturer now.
Citrus: dampness and phlegm. Citrus contains hesperidins, orange peel pectin and other ingredients, with the expansion of coronary artery, lowering blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, and significantly reduce the degree of fatty degeneration of the liver cells and other effects. In addition, there are warming stomach orange peel effect.
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