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Do you really know how to use sleep facial mask?
Sleep facial mask is done at night after basic skin care and applies the mask to the face mask directly to sleep. We can buy them from skincare products supplier in China nowadays for our beauty. However, do you really know how to use sleep facial mask?
Selecting sleep mask MM are mostly lazy MM, but do not think everything will be fine with a sleep mask, but with one less step before skin oh. Since most sleep mask on his face to stay longer, so if you do not do a good job cleaning and care during the day but will make the remaining dust and makeup clogged pores, the opposite effect, and therefore do not want the beauty to be lazy. Now even we go to facial masks wholesale manufacturer, we should ask them the details for the sleep mask. It can not be directly after cleaning the surface covered. Since sleep mask compared with ordinary mask itself or the formation of oil and divide less, so long-term use of skin improvement and not be too large, you should use some lotion and cream for the skin and then apply the full backing mask, there will be a multiplier effect.
It would be have a gorgeous effect if you use facial mask as well as health tea from China health protection tea supplier