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Categories of paste facial mask
If you read my last article, you will get the basic idea for the hard and soft facial mask. Today, as a skincare products supplier in China, I would like to introduce to you guys about the categories of paste facial mask. It is made by beauty products manufacturer modulated. Here are the categories.
Adjustable facial mask is one of them. The mask contains sensitive regulator, the skin can get a good adjustment. Suitable for: sensitive, dry skin. In addition, bleach mask has a bleaching ingredients, long-term use can increase the brightness of white skin. It is applies to neutral, oily, skin pigmentation. Now I think lots of facial masks wholesale manufacturer would supply these two kinds of facial masks for us. What’s more, reduced fat facial mask has decomposition of sebum ingredients, primary for convergence. It is suitable for oily skin. Finally, nutrition mask contains protein, squalling nutrition supplement skin nutrients. This kind of facial mask applies to aging, dry skin.
As far as I’m concerned, most of people buy facial mask, and the next step is trying health tea from China health protection tea supplier. I think we should take care the details when we use these beautiful things.