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Appropriate heating for facial mask
What would you think when winter is coming? I think most of girls would say it is so cold outside. Of course, what do we need to do with the products from skincare products supplier in China, like facial mask? Now we can say that appropriate heating for facial mask is a good idea.
In winter, I like to get facial mask heating, and then putting on with no cold feeling. Of course, absorption also becomes faster. "45 ℃ blisters heating safest.”Wan Rong said temperature, heating time is too long, will damage the mask components. 45 ℃ of taking a dip with warm water 5 minutes the most appropriate. So we can do this way when we buy facial mask from facial masks wholesale manufacturer. "it is slightly higher than normal body temperature of 36.8 ℃, the unstable ingredient is relatively safe temperature. 5 minutes after taking a dip in the temperature of the mask will be integrated into the human body about the same temperature, very comfortable with them. "
Of course, this is also good for the healthy tea when you buy them from China health protection tea supplier. Under this situation, we can drink hot product when we want a good body shape.