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      With the rapid development of trading between China and other countries, more and more foreign traders need to purchase products from China.
      Many foreign traders encounter with many problems in reality despite many B2B platforms that facilitates the communication between the buyers and sellers and many international exhibitions (such as Canton fair)that demonstrate models of factory products. The buyers, who are the first time to make purchase in China or intend to procure goods in small quantity but in various categories and sizes from different factories, face complicated problems on confirmation of order details, comparison on sample products and factory offers?, follow up mass production schedule, domestic transport, customs declaration, sea shipment, insurance, clearing and so on as the communication through only email and phone is not enough at all.
      Many foreign buyers? planned for a visit to the factory in China but eventually failed because of visa, time and budget, in need of a third party company to provide service in China. trading service provider that helps choose the most suitable product, price and factory and offer one-stop solution for transportation, customs declaration and clearing as long as you specify your procurement request for medium to large scale purchasers,who want to establish their buyer representative bureau in China but hesitate because of costly expenses but low efficiency, Who desire to find a partner as sourcing agent in China
     Founded in 2009, American  Hi-Care-U Health International (Group) Co., Limited is a professional
company engaged in Sino- international trading and order management service, providing package solution and service in customized procurement for international purchaser.
     With headquarters established respectively in Hong Kong and Shenzhen of China, our company runs beauty, health, medical treatment merchandises (OEM/ODM, or our company brand) ,We have tens to hundreds of suppliers and factories for each category of goods to satisfy requirements on different specifications and prices from buyers of different countries with orders in different scales.
     We provide three kinds of service model
1、For buyers : who never imported goods made in China or intend to find new items
According to clients' requests, Hi-Care-U Groups provide one-stop service or part of services including investigation and survey on product and qualification, credibility and productivity of supplier (factory) (which is free of service charge), price and order negotiation, manufacturing management, forwarder, customs declaration and clearance, to maximum reduce risks for Buyers and facilitate them to reap long-term, stable and huge profit
Survey on product and factory (free of service charge)
Price and order negotiation
Manufacturing management
Forwarder, customs declaration and clearance
2、For buyers : who want to import goods from China with designated brand
We can provide OEM/ODM service
3、For buyers : who look for procurement agent in China
We can provide procurement agent service for both minor and large companies
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Hi-Care-U-----professional service provider of Sino-foreign trading.
One-stop service for buyers
Sincerely welcome global trading partners to contact us and have a mutually beneficial cooperation.